Gordon Insurance is dedicated to providing our clients and future insured’s professional insurance expertise and advice in the areas of commercial, homeowners, auto, life, and long term care. We care about our clients, offering quality and value coupled with a personal hands-on approach and a “deep rooted commitment.”  Our goal is to develop a good understanding of your needs, so that our insurance professionals can make the appropriate risk management recommendations.


At Gordon Insurance, we are committed to teamwork, innovation, education, and most of all communication.  We promise to treat each and every client with honesty, fairness, trust, and integrity.


Our website has been designed to help current and future insured’s navigate the confusing world of Insurance. You will hopefully learn something new, or pick up some insurance premium or administrative savings tips.  So please enjoy a tour, and after you finish, you will see that Gordon Insurance truly offers a “A Deep Rooted Commitment” to all of its clients.


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Insurance Tips

 Review leases, agreements and contracts

A professional agent should ask to review your current Leases, Agreements, Contracts and other papers that paint the paths your business must follow. You may also discover opportunities for savings (for example, you may find that you’re not liable for something that you’re already paying to insure).

Back up your computer data
Most businesses have computers but many do not know where their back ups are. Just remember it is very easy to locate your backup and put in a new computer. It is difficult, time consuming and stressful to have to rethink all of your data and those that owe you money.

Create a video inventory of your assets
Shoot a video of your business or home including your contents and store it away from the premises. Should you have a major loss, this could be your only record of what you own or will jog your memory of any missing items. Claims adjusters love to see it as they will have the ability to adjust faster and with more accuracy.

 Stay cognizant of your losses and almost losses
They will help paint your business’s personality.