As you are aware, every business is different so one needs to be careful about pigeon holing an account. There are far too many paths to conduct a professional program from this website or any other site. The need for commercial insurance is far easier to explain in person or over the phone. As many of the decision makers fail to remember, it is their financial lives that they are dealing with. They never expected to have a loss so why buy a certain coverage or limit. Many are taken in by the millions of dollars of the Madison Ave produced ads. Do you really think it takes 15 minutes to decide your financial lives when buying auto insurance?

Insurance is the third leg of the triad of supporting any business. The other two being legal and accounting. Any program should take into consideration protecting the financial assets of the firm.

Many firms believe bigger is better, so they will only invite very large firms to propose. Usually smaller firms will be able to handle your risk just as efficiently. The key is to deal with the owner.  Every business owner knows that every business sale or defection affects him personally.

By completing our insurance quote form, Gordon Insurance will be able to offer only an estimate and an incomplete program. But it’s a good starting point, and with more information we can help develop a comprehensive policy to meet all your commerical insurance needs.