There are three basic needs of man: clothing, food and shelter. Your Homeowners Policy is the method to help insure that your basic needs are maintained. Although simple in design, it is the most misunderstood policy for the general population. It is important that homeowners pay attention to their needs and conditions, as they change.  Unfortunately, most policies are written by direct writers, which means they are sales driven. 

Your homeowners policy should provide protection for the full actual replacement of your home, money to repurchase your furniture, clothes, appliances, other personal goods, investment personal goods (jewelry, silverware, furs, fine arts, collectibles, etc), or at least to recoup the investment if you do not wish to repurchase them, money to live somewhere temporarily while your home is being fixed or rebuilt, protection against personal lawsuits  (including those suits from being on a nonprofit charity board), identity fraud, etc.

Remember, it is one thing to have the coverage and another to collect from a claim. Do not be upset with yourself if the ability to collect on a claim is a factor of the price you paid and the company you used. The direct writer agents work for that carrier and do not expect them to terminate their relationship with their boss over a questionable claim or adjustment.

In order for Gordon Insurance to provide a quote please complete the quote form below. This form is not the final application nor the complete review of your homeowner’s needs. It just gets things started, and if approved, to the next level.  Gordon Insurance will prepare a preliminary premium and discuss it with you.

To complete the quote form, you will need to know the following data:  square footage of the house (all floors), expiration date of your current policy or when settlement date will occur, policy losses within the past three years, and if there are any other special needs (rental properties, second homes, home businesses, college bound children, etc).