The horseless carriage has been around for about 120 years now, and the first claim was 119 years and 29 days ago. It seems some horses threw their owners when this contraption motored by. From that day on, the need for protection from bodily injury and property claims became paramount for the owner of the horseless carriage. Today it seems every family owns at least one auto and definitely knows how to drive. This is why every state, territory and district requires every automobile owner to carry automobile liability insurance.

The next time you see a TV ad regarding personal auto insurance, look through their spin to see if they are really educating you about the coverage. The direct writers (State Farm, Allstate, Nationwide ,Geico, etc) use advertising to steer you away from the important areas of coverage, purchasing power, and of course, independent consultation. Just think about how much does insurance matter if you call out for a State Farm Agent to change your boyfriend into a handsome hunk, or Allstate into a person called Mayhem where those claims are normal cases, or Nationwide where the vanishing deductible will take over ten years to vanish, but anything that could mar your driving record or financial record will reverse the process.

Gordon Insurance understands how families survive the family auto and its constant use. Each family is different, which means you require individual attention to insurance and risk. For instance, should the liability be a combined single limit or split limits?  Should one of the autos be under stated value or actual cash value?  And of course, the use of the physical damage deductibles ( Comprehensive and Collision).  We want to consult with you before you buy a car, if you are concerned about the insurance premiums, especially before you have your teenager buy their monster car. This is only the tip of advice that you will receive on an individual basis at Gordon Insurance.

Please do not be shocked when we insist on auto liability limits from 100,00/300,000/ 100,000 and up. This is due to the simple fact that while one needs to be concerned about price , you also need to be concerned about losing everything, let alone the financial misery you might have inflicted on an innocent crash victim.

So, personal auto insurance appears to be the one policy you would like to get online, but without Gordon Insurance advice, you could be going downhill without any brakes especially when a real claim is before you.