Life Insurance is a critical part of planning for every family. From concerns of estate taxes, education living expenses to business loans, life
insurance plays an important role.

 An insured needs to be very certain of the product, the reason, the ability to pay future premiums and carrier stability. It is not just an easy task of plugging in your age and limit and getting a premium. Unfortunately, many think that is all it takes.

 The true method of getting an insurance quote is to talk to an agent that you trust. Only then will the questions of how to best protect your family and assets be achieved. “How much insurance should I purchase to give enough money for education of my kids?”  “Should I worry about inflation or investment rate of return?” When you complete this submission, you will receive a call from Gordon Insurance to discuss before preparing a quote.

 For those interested, there also exists coverage for disability and long term care. The need depends on one’s ability to maintain an income stream or withstand the unrelenting nursing home fees.

 An interesting observation about why life insurance agents push so hard to get you to sign up while they are there.  Usually the last agent in gets the business.