Long Term Care

Baby Boomers are realizing that it is not easy to care for their own parents these days . Aging family members are taking a toll on the next

generation both financially and physically. Net worth is being drained down to zero and family must make sudden decisions that affect the entire family structure. It is not going to get any better than it is now any time soon.  So how is this latest product, that is only 30 years old, going to protect Baby Boomers when they are going to need help.

Long Term Care will offer the financial well being should the insured ever need to use a service or nursing home support. The recent products will give to an individual money ( that you have predetermined) to pay for home or nursing home type services.

It will become in very short order the most important insurance product a person can buy. Even a greater need than life insurance.  The reason why is that you are still here and need care to stay alive. Only 30% of us have the good fortune to get sick and die quickly. 70% of us will linger on and strain the resources of our loved ones.

Those of us that are between the ages of 50 to 60 have the ability to purchase LTC at competitive rates. Once you reach 60, the rates will climb, and are usually unreasonable by the time you reach your 70’s.

Gordon Insurance has over 10 strong standard markets to find the right product for each individual. Usually this product is purchased for the husband and wife so pricing is competitive and there are certain waivers and conditions that each can use later on.