Report a Claim

Please use this form to notify us should you have an Incident. You always can call us or the Your Carrier (see the Claims page for phone numbers) . I will contact you ASAP to help you thru the issue. So I know some details, I will need the following completed:

You can always call us or your carrier if you have been served with any Legal Papers.  I will need to get them to the proper Legal Dept of the Carrier. Please make sure you either reach me or Fax/email them to me immediately.

When I contact you, I will be asking a lot of questions so I can inform the Claims Adjuster as much of the situation as possible.

Incidents occur at any time so do not hesitate to call me if you feel the Incident deserves it at any time.

Sol Gordon

Office- 301-721-0508                     Cell – 301-254-9606

MD Home -301-983-2510             Florida Home/office- 561- 623-0541